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How to place Order on Waploaded Store

The Waploaded store is owned and managed by Waploaded Media, it houses all major custom wears owned and sold by Waploaded, from Chains, Wrist bands, shirts, shorts, hoodies, caps, wrappers and several others.

Today, we will be showing you how to place order on Waploaded store.

First, visit the website

Navigate to the category you wish to purchase from, or select from our combo deals.

NOTE: Selected deals must be NGN10,000 or higher

Click to add to your Cart

Confirm all products in your cart, if everything is all good and confirmed, scroll down and click Proceed to Checkout

You would be redirected to the checkout page.

You may be asked to register / login, please kindly register or login to your a Waploaded Store Account, then fill in your full details to facilitate the checkout process.

NOTE: Your Waploaded Store Account is totally different from your Waploaded Account

After filling all your personal checkout details which would be used to process your shipping of the items, you may use the Order notes to explain the colors of what you want, find the available colors we have for our custom wears

be sure to select your mode of payments.

Mode of Payment: Bank Transfer Or Pay with Cards

Be sure to select which is most convenient for you, but with Pay with Card method, your payments are processed fast as no delays in receiving alerts are experienced.

You would then be directed to the final checkout page to review everything inside your bucket (checkouts), if everything is confirmed you can then click on pay now or cancel and go back to order page.

After Pay Now you may be redirected to a Rave (FlutterWave) secured payment page or a page to get our account details to pay, depending on the Mode of payment you have chosen.

Once payment is confirmed, please we will start processing your order, please for faster processing, you may send us your ORDER ID (payment reference) to we will be sure to process your payment ASAP.

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